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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Congratulations, you are now a DKG leader! Where do you go for guidance?


The website provides many resources for new DKG leaders both at the state and chapter level. Under the Governing Documents tab, you will find copies of the International Constitution and Standing Rules. While not on the international website, also look at your state bylaws and/or chapter rules for further guidance. Also, on the international website you will find the Go-To-Guide handbook which serves as a reference guide to information on the Society in an easy to use format. Another informative area under the Governing Documents tab is Guidelines and Policies/Procedures (GAPP). Under this heading you will find various things such as the policy for digital communication and guidelines for the sale of items among others.

By clicking on the Resources tab ⇒ Chapter Tools you will find two helpful resources, Guidelines for Chapter Leaders and the Chapter Leader Calendar. The Guidelines for Chapter Leaders is a guide for chapter presidents, treasurers, and membership chairs that explains what your duties are in these leadership roles. The Chapter Leader Calendar breaks down for each chapter leader when during the year they should be doing their various tasks.

Of course, you have a wealth of knowledge you can access in your own state or chapter from past state and chapter leaders. You can also access assistance from the international headquarters by phone and email from the Contact Us tab or by clicking on the Chat button on the lower right section of the website. You can contact your region’s representative to the International Leadership Committee by going to About Us tab ⇒ CommitteesLeadership Development. We are here to assist you!

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