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Thursday, May 6, 2021

DKGIEF: Foundation Outtakes #3 – May/June 2021

Have you ever wondered how DKG can offer exceptional speakers at international events? Funding for these speakers is generated in large part through the generosity of the Eunah Temple Holden Leadership Fund, operating under the umbrella of your DKG International Educators Foundation (DKGIEF). Here’s how it works…

The ETHL Fund champions the Foundation’s mission to support effective educational projects, educational and charitable activities of DKG, and professional growth of educators worldwide. However, as Janice Moen, 2020-2022 Chair of the Holden Committee notes, the fund has not always been fully understood by members:

“Delta Kappa Gamma accepts its members as they are, with all their potential, and provides opportunities to help all learn and grow, not only as educators but also as leaders. The ETHL Fund is instrumental in making this happen.” 

Income from the ETHL Fund, the only DKG fund named for a member, goes toward speaker fees at international events and Society leadership training.

The ETHL Fund enriches the lives of members by providing world-class speakers at international events. In accordance with Mrs. Holden’s will, DKG leaders in charge of staging international meetings actively seek outstanding non-member speakers to make presentations on relevant educational topics and concerns at conferences/conventions. The Holden Fund Committee determines the amount to provide toward speaker fees for these presentations. Last summer Olympia LePoint was the ETHL Fund speaker for the 2020 DKG International Convention. This summer, Leigh Wintz, CAE (Portland) and Wendy Gates Corbett (San Antonio) will be our ETHL Fund speakers.

Beyond assisting with speaker fees, this fund also underwrites such leadership opportunities as parliamentary training, transition sessions for the incoming international president, orientation sessions for newly elected state organization officers and Administrative Board members, as well as other leadership focused international events. Donations to this fund empower members!

Follow this link to donate to the ETHL Fund or any of the other eight funds under DKGIEF. 

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