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Friday, May 28, 2021

"Wow" Art Gallery Selections

Being a member of the DKG Arts and Humanities Jury has been a marvelous and enriching experience. The jury has enjoyed the experience of viewing and judging the many forms of art submitted by our members. What a talented group of ladies we have in this Society. 

We have the pleasure of viewing many outstanding works of art, but at times we experience a piece that makes us say, “Wow” or “Ah” as we open it.

We would like to share with you a few of those “Wow” selections. Hopefully, you will decide to submit a “wow” of your own. Then we and other DKG sisters can experience the “Ah” moment as we view your work.

Photography “Incoming Swallowtail” by Maureen Theriot

Photography “Wondrous View” by 

Margaret Meehan.

2-D Acrylic, “Armonia de Color” by Alejandrina Gonzalez

2-D Pastel, “Fog on the Fenton” by 

Linda Tracy

Take a moment or two to ponder the poems, “Apache Land” by Peggy Scott and “Sweet Friend” by Judith Merz

May these selections entice you to explore more of the entries in the Spring 2021 Gallery and pick out your own “Wow” moment. Don’t forget to check out more of the world of art in the Spring and Fall 2020 Galleries found in the Archives.

In future blogs we will be spotlighting some of our artists and have them share a little about themselves and how they brought their works to life.

We look forward to you returning often to view exciting new content!

We invite you to view the Art Gallery, click here.

Keep the conversation going, please use the comment section below to suggest new topics, ask questions, or give us your input.

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  1. Perusing visual images and reading expressive words presented in the DKG Gallery brings joy to my heart and inspires me to respond with images and words of my own. I enjoy submitting to the gallery. But, most of all, I find the gallery a joyful place to spend some time.


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