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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

EEC and Legislation

The Educational Excellence Committee (EEC) encourages legislative programs at all levels of the Society.  So, what can those programs look like?  The following list of ideas was gathered at the in-person and virtual training for state organization EEC chairs in the summer of 2021.  

-     Assign a member whose role is to report on legislative issues and actions at each meeting and/or in newsletters

-     Survey your members for their legislative concerns; then plan programs according to the results.

-     Have a DKG day at your state capital

o   Meet with legislators

o   Hear about current bills

o   Attend sessions on the floor

-     Invite a variety of speakers to your meetings to address the legislative interests of education and of women educators in your state or region        

-     Attend candidate forums to educate yourself and your fellow members

-     Collaborate with other organizations (ex. state teacher’s organizations) on programs of interest or actions that can be taken

-     Identify and acknowledge education friendly legislators

-     Don’t forget about local school boards or councils and the educational decisions that affect the students in your area or region 

For more information, refer to International Standing Rule 8.10 Educational Excellence Committee – Legislation; 8.102 Guidelines for initiating endorsing, and supporting legislation.  

EEC reminds members of Purpose Number 7 – to inform the members of current economic, social, political, and educational issues so that they may participate effectively in a world society. 

Monday, September 20, 2021

Better Safe than Sorry! - Part Three - Public Domain


Works are in the public domain if they are not covered by intellectual property rights at all, if the intellectual property rights have expired, and/or if the intellectual property rights are forfeited. (Examples, works created before the existence of copyright and patent laws or prior to public domain laws; expiration of copyright – death plus 70 – 75; works by the government) Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States | Copyright Information Center and Copyright and Fair Use - Stanford Libraries *This information is not legal advice. Always consult the guidelines within your country before proceeding.

Let's start a True or False conversation to test our knowledge of the public domain. Leave your comments and post another true or false.

True or False? Is a song written by Beethoven within the public domain?

Thursday, September 16, 2021

DKG International Fine Arts Blog September 2021….Jackie Thomas

1.       Tell us about yourself as an educator and artist.

 I officially became a public school art teacher in 1971 and finally retired as Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction in 2007, having taught K-13+ and assumed eleven different administrative titles and job responsibilities.  Today, I continue mentoring new teachers and administrators and teaching workshops for both children and adults.  Mostly, I am a full-time studio fibers artist. 

2. What is your preferred media of work?

I am a Fibers Artist.  I identify with the forms, the textures, the colors, and the joy those things called fibers bring to my soul – natural, industrial, manmade. 

      3. We were all quite impressed with Raga Mutton. I know you have also done another similar to this. Would like to know what inspired you to pick this theme. Tell us what inspired you and how you developed this sculpture. 

Masks are rather common wall ornaments today.   And I enjoy hanging masks into odd nooks and corners around my house, just as many who collect my works do.  My Animal masks were originally created as expressive responses to historical images and concepts, some that were masks and some that were cultural imagery and non-mask artifacts.  

The first mask I remember making outside of an art classroom or workshop was for a “MASK” exhibit in the Kipp Gallery at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (1986).  The Gallery director called me the year before and requested I make a mask for an invitational exhibit using some of my “weird” materials (This was my first wet-felted mask).  I was thrilled that he hung my Dragon Mask in the entry to the exhibit. 

I began to create sheep masks after I retired and became a partner in an art gallery in Eagles Mere, PA.  I collect sheep sculptures, and thought I’d make some sheep masks for sale.  Each mask is based on real sheep breeds and represents some kind of social statement.   I usually create my sheep masks in pairs (male and female).   The first two, Muzzy Lar and Curly Lar, were conceived as Greek Household Gods, and in my mind, their purpose was to remove confusion from the environment (tongue-in-cheek). 

Raga Mutton and his partner, Miss Fancy Pants Raga Mutton were created for an annual recycled materials exhibit that I sometimes jury and sometimes enter (NOTE:  much of my artwork includes repurposed materials so that those materials do not end up in landfills).  Raga Mutton was woven (tabby weave and rya knots) with wool yarns, strips of recycled denim cloth from old shirts, and waxed linen thread over a wire armature.  Recycled wooden buttons are anchored into the weaving for the eyes. 

   Raga Mutton (male)                     Miss Fancy Pants Raga Mutton (female)

NOTES: Recycled materials: 

    • when I clean out my closets, I save some of the clothing for the cloth, influenced by color/texture/pattern.
    • Sheep wool is sustainable product & in an abstract way, a recycled material
    • lar (noun): Household god (the benevolent gods in an ancient Roman household) 

4. What is the best artist advice you have been given? 

FIRST:  The job of each human being is to continuously grow and mature - never finished, always learning and always becoming the individual – not becoming “like” others, but becoming the individual that is “me”.  My job is to be true to myself and set goals appropriate to myself and to earnestly work toward those goals while building on strengths and developing areas needed to complement the strengths.  That’s what humans do, and that’s what humans who are artists do, too. 

SECOND: The best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else.  And experimentation with the concepts gives a deeper understanding of a concept so that it can be shared with someone else – either through personal work or helping others to respond in their own ways to the ideas presented…… 

       5. Do you have anything else you want to add? 

Educators show up in classrooms bringing all of their knowledge, skills, ideas and interests with them.  Via the DKG Fine Arts Gallery, DKG recognizes multiple strengths of well-rounded individuals and their talents.  Thank you! 

The Arts & Humanities Jury looks forward to you returning often to view exciting new content and to share in the joy of creativity.   

We invite you to view the Art Gallery, click here. 

Keep the conversation going, please use the comment section below to suggest new topics, ask questions, or give us your input. 

Thursday, September 9, 2021

DKGIEF: Golden Gift Fund Develops Leaders

The Golden Gift Fund was established to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of the Society. The purpose of the Fund was to create a program of leadership training for members to develop the skills needed to deal with social concerns, educational dilemmas, or legislative issues that affect education and the status of women.  

The Golden Gift Fund Committee receives applications and selects the attendees of the Leadership Management Seminar and, in the past, recipients of Special Stipends.  

Since 1980 about 1000 members from 70 state organizations have attended the Leadership Management Seminar (LMS) and/or received a Special Stipend financed by the Golden Gift Fund.  

Five international presidents attended the 1981 seminar: Dr. Janet Shelver, Dr. Paula Dent, Carol Mueller, Jean Gray, and Jacklynn CuppyMore than a dozen international presidents are LMS graduates. Many more graduates have served as state organization presidents and in other state and chapter leadership roles. Most LMS graduates lead in their communities and schools. LMS builds leaders who build leaders.  

During 2018-2020, the seminar underwent major revisions in the applications process, length, and curriculum. Today the Golden Gift Fund supports a one-week leadership management seminar known as DKG Ignite: Leaders Empowering Leaders ProgramThe program continues to coordinate with staff and faculty at the McCombs School of Business on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. The seminar began as an annual two-week event and later became a biennial event due to the expense.  

This program is dependent on the Golden Gift Fund. The Golden Gift Fund is completely, totally, dependent on contributions. Contributions to the Golden Gift Fund may be made to DKG International Educators Foundation (DKGIEF)To donate to the Golden Gift Fund or any of the other 9 funds managed by DKGIEF, on the Society website just click on DKGIEF and follow the directions to donate online or by mail.  

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Bang #15, #16, #17 Dick Carr: ID Theft Assist, Long Term Care, VPI Pet Insurance


There are many benefits to membership in DKG including insurance benefits. Dick Carr offers three different insurances: ID Theft Assist, Long Term Care, and VPI Pet Insurance.

For less than $8.00 a month ID Theft Assist provides the most comprehensive identity recovery service on the market. Long Term Care Resources will assist in determining the best provider for your future healthcare needs. If you are looking for insurance for your pet then VPI Pet Insurance is for you. The insurance covers a wide range of animals, and DKG members are eligible to receive a 5% group discount.

For more information about each one of these insurance benefits go to the DKG website, click on About Us in the banner and then Insurance Benefits in the dropdown menu. These insurance benefits are another way to get More Bang for Your Buck$ as a member of DKG!

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