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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Are You Ready for the Conference? Conference to-do list.

Hotel reservation - check; Conference registration - check; Flight or car reservation - check; DKG App downloaded and explored - NOPE! Let's get that one checked off your to-do list today. Here are a few steps to follow:

1. Log into 
2. Visit > Resources > DKG App
3. Review details and directions
4. Follow directions to download the DKG App
5. Spend time exploring the nuances of the "NEW App."
6. Enjoy the app and see you at the conference!

The DKG New App's for You!!! 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

ISF Committee Members Go Virtual in 2021

Whether you are attending the 2021 International Conferences in Portland or San Antonio, in person or virtually, the members of the International Speakers Fund Committee are excited to be offering you a virtual presentation at each location. 

Your ISF Committee members have been meeting via Zoom since last summer when we officially joined the Administrative Board in July and were appointed members of the ISF Committee. It was during these meetings that we decided we could offer our members some tips on being a virtual speaker while informing them about the International Speakers Fund. The ISF Committee members who will be presenting virtually at the International conferences this summer live in Canada, Estonia, and Panama. 

Look for our 2021 ISF presentation, Keys to a Successful Virtual Presentation: 

Do you want to be a captivating virtual speaker?  
Is there a recipe for a successful virtual presentation? 
Join us as we explore the keys to becoming a successful virtual presenter.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Spotlight on Gallery Artist - Valerie Millet, Upsilon, Louisiana

Inspired by her love of nature and a background growing up in a small, “everyone knows your name” south Louisiana community, this DKG Gallery artist, Valerie Millet, hails from Upsilon Chapter of the Louisiana State Organization. In the floodplains of the Mississippi River, a deeply-rooted Louisiana native from St. James Parish, Valerie agreed to share her artist insights in a Q&A format. Enjoy this sojourn into Valerie’s beautiful story and her Spotlight responses. Her two-dimensional art is reflective of her childhood and continues to influence her strong belief in the importance of encouraging young and seasoned artists through the creative arts.  

“Peace at Peggy’s Cove,” is a 2-D oil painting of Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia. It was done after we traveled there to explore our Acadian heritage. I am grateful for my retirement years, so I can go back to my “file” and paint what had left such a lasting impression on me.”