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Friday, September 18, 2015

Everyone's Talking

Have you logged in to the members only area of the DKG website yet? On the website, you can access your account through the Member Center at the bottom right side of the home page and on the DKG App it is button.  Look for "My DKG" and click there to access your account, build a profile, approve other members to connect with you and, then, join a community!

Complete instructions are available on the committee page.  However, remember you will need your member ID (it's your username) and the default password (check with your state organization or chapter president).

If you have difficulty finding the default password, call Society Headquarters.  We are not publishing it on the website or in the News in order to keep your account and members only area secure.  After all, it is a members only area! So enjoy networking with members around the world in a safe and friendly environment. See you there!

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