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Thursday, November 12, 2015

In-Touch and Involved

Members who are committed are frequently the most engaged in chapter activities.  However, members to whom we reach out and with whom we stay connected have the best chance of becoming committed, engaged members.

So, how does your chapter maintain communication and connection between members?  Many chapters provide members with frequent updates through newsletters, whether in print or by electronic media.  Phone trees and emails can also be great ways to "spread the word" about events or changes in chapter schedules.

Consider, however, a few other options when designing your chapter's communications & publicity plan.  Some chapters have developed Facebook groups so members can keep in touch regarding both chapter and personal matters.  Twitter, Instagram and other social media can also be great ways to increase communication.

Encourage your chapter members to keep in touch with the Society on an International level, as well. DKG has a Facebook page ( where frequent posts share the latest happenings.  Find DKG on Twitter (@DKG_SI), LinkedIn (, Pinterest ( Instagram (@DKGSI), as well. Of course, the DKG website ( also a great source of information and you can find links there to Follow Us.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

What's Growing in Your Chapter?

Chapter growth can be challenging - sometimes hard to define, difficult to measure and uncomfortable to talk about.  What is growth?  Have you ever thought about what it means to be a "growing" chapter?

Of course, growth can mean new members and reinstatements, but it also includes keeping the members you have. Growing chapters have developed a culture that encourages member participation, engages new members and develops leadership.  Have you asked your members what they like and want in chapter programs and meetings?  Are you providing those things?  Are your members active in chaper events, projects and leadership?  Are they serving the state organization on committees?  Are they attending state organizaiton and international events?  These can all be indicators of a growing chapter.

Simply put, does your chapter have a strategy in place to insure sustainability and promote growth? If you have not heard about the new Membrership Recruitment Plan,  check it out!  It is posted on the International Membership Committee page and is adaptable for your chapter.  And, best of all, it has shown real results!  Look for more information in the next blog.

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