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Monday, January 31, 2022

Share Your Ideas!

In the past few months, the Non-dues Revenue Committee has informed you about the possibilities that DKG membership offers in terms of discounts and other benefits, or where your purchase can benefit DKG.

We are sure that you as chapter members have successfully implemented a lot of ideas with which you could raise money for your chapter work, for projects or support measures.

Please, share your experiences and report on the activities with which your chapter has been successful, be it financially or in the form of other benefits for your members or your community.

We look forward to your responses! Comment below.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

What Is An Honorary Member?

Does your chapter know a woman who has made a significant contribution to education or women, but is not eligible for active membership? Have you considered nominating her for honorary membership?

    An honorary member is a woman, who while not eligible for active membership, has given considerable service to education or to women. At the chapter level this service may be of local significance. At the state organization level, the contribution would be at a statewide level. At the international level the service would be significant at a national or international scope. Any member, chapter, or state organization can nominate a woman for honorary membership.

    How does an honorary member participate in the activities of the Society? She may participate in any activities except holding an office. The honorary member is welcome to attend meetings and events at all levels. She may even serve as the parliamentarian since that is not an elected office.

    The process for election is determined by the respective executive board. For the chapter, this is most likely outlined in the chapter rules. Each honorary member is presented with a membership certificate. Giving her a key pin is optional. The inducting unit pays to international a lifetime one-time fee of $49.95. After that no annual dues or fees are paid at any level.

    For more information about honorary membership visit (You must be logged into the website to view these documents.)

These items are all under Governing Documents:

  1. Procedures for Honorary Members (GAPP) - (Located under Procedures/Honorary Membership)
  2. Go-To-Guide - pp. 18-19
  3. Constitution - p. 2
  4. International Standing Rules - pp. 1-2

    Honorary membership is a great opportunity to recognize women who are making significant contributions to education or the lives of women. At all levels from the community to state organizations to national and international levels there are women making a difference. Honorary membership provides recognition and even a way of saying thank you for their service. It is also an opportunity for DKG to share with the community that we exist and have an active role in promoting education and women.

    Take a moment and look around your community for someone who is providing exceptional service to education or women and then consider nominating her for honorary membership.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Bang #29 Support for Early-Career Educators (SEE)

Delta Kappa Gamma likes to help new teachers. We want to keep teachers in the work force. States and chapters are encouraged to help in appropriate and practical ways. They may choose to help with monetary gifts and classroom supplies. Also, a member can mentor by giving ideas for classroom management, lessons, bulletin boards, and parent-teacher relations. These can be accomplished by phone calls or visits.

A list of new teachers can be obtained from a school, district, or through member teachers. It is a win-win for everyone to retain and help strengthen teachers.

Supporting Early-Career Educators is located under Projects and Programs on the website - The Educational Excellence Committee established this support project in 2012 at the New York City International Convention.

Let’s keep up the challenge of this project to strengthen and retain quality educators! Teachers supporting teachers! Support your local beginning teachers today!

Friday, January 14, 2022

DKG and Facebook—What Everyone Needs to Know!

DKG Business Page and DKG Public Pages

Delta Kappa Gamma is fortunate to have an official Facebook business page and numerous Facebook group pages. Knowing what each type provides and entails can reduce the confusion members and others experience when searching for DKG on Facebook.

The following information describes the features and differences between two DKG Facebook pages:  The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Facebook business page and the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International public group page.  These pages serve different purposes and fill different needs for members; they complement each other.

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society Facebook business page with the red rose logo establishes the official, professional presence for DKG, including its address, phone number, business hours, and other business-related information. The Facebook administrators of this DKG business page are the staff at DKG Headquarters in Austin, Texas, who are responsible for posting all content and for ensuring that the legal business entity known as The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International is represented with oversight from the DKG International President.

People, including members, follow the business page by “liking” the page. Once members have “liked” the DKG business page, the DKG posts will show up on the members’ Facebook news feeds.   

The business page is used to make announcements, share updates and relevant news, and connect members to other DKG communication vehicles such as blogs, publications, and others.   Events and opportunities sponsored by DKG International are announced here: official conferences, conventions, webinars, scholarships, deadline dates, and more. 

All kinds of audiences can interact on and with this page – whether they are members, potential members, or other audiences just browsing. Members and others can connect and engage by commenting on the posts.

However, because they do not represent the official business entity, individuals in such audiences may not initiate posts or upload files, pictures, and documents. 

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Facebook public group page, a page often confused with the official business page, was initiated in 2009 and boasts a membership of 3,300. This group page provides a place for DKG members to share news on individuals, chapters, state organizations, and international events. This public group page is member-driven and monitored by five DKG members acting as administrators. This public group of DKG members creates its own content for this group page. Members on this page represent themselves in their posts. Because they do not represent the official Society, they do not require permission to post and share on this site.  Likewise, individuals, chapters, state organizations, and outside organizations do not require permission from the legal entity known as DKG International or the International President to promote and host events, webinars, and meetings; members do so at their own direction.

On this page, members may post and share posts from other public and business pages.  For example, members can share the announcements that appear on the DKG Society International business page. From here, DKG members are able to “share” with other DKG members on public pages—including the many state organizations and chapter pages that are focused on the interests of those groups. 

Members can upload and download files, brochures, pictures, and documents to share with each other on this page.  Members can tag other members. 

Members can invite members on the public page to meetings, lectures, webinars, and other opportunities hosted by individual members, chapters, and state organizations.

Any member can also invite another member to join the page.  A member requesting directly to join must answer questions on location and status of her membership.

Members can help group members find resources, information, or items as well as connect members with each other.  The public group page allows members to explore new projects or ideas.

As a member, you can engage with others by visiting and clicking “like” on the DKG International Facebook business page and by joining the DKG international Facebook group page and other smaller group pages. Learning about these DKG Facebook page types is an important step that could result in a stronger DKG experience.  

Blog adapted from an article written by Becky Sadowski, 2020-2022 DKG International President, and Dr. Elizabeth Rapp Tarner, an administrator for the DKG International Facebook public page.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Making Personal Growth A Priority in Your Chapter’s EEC Work


It’s a new year, and in our Delta Kappa Gamma chapter and state organization work, we are all trying to plan relevant programs and individual activities that will help us meet all the Seven Purposes of DKG International. So much of our work is in outreach and professional work, but let’s not forget the power of profound work in personal growth as well. Here are some ideas for activities—both for groups and for individuals— to support this important aspect of Educational Excellence:


1. Try innovative and unusual journaling. My chapter had a mother-daughter team (both of whom are members) present on ways to liven up journal writing. Consider collecting a keepsake from a recent event, pasting it in the journal, and then writing about the event, the person, the feelings. Or try a sketch journal, where before you write you sketch the pretty place, the person, or a symbol and then write about what you have drawn.


2. Treat yourself to a dose of nature. Even in the winter months, a little dose of sunshine can make us feel better. Even sitting by a window and enjoying the warmth or the clouds can help us feel better. A quick five-minute walk outside can clear cobwebs and help us appreciate the wonderful warmth once we return indoors. Do this individually or even as a way to start or end meetings.


3. Take time to read, including reading that simply and purely entertains. It’s always fun to talk about a good book with others. In my state, 11 of us are doing a book study on the DKG International Book Award winner and discussing it virtually. But why not also consider asking another member to name the best book she’s read in recent years, reading it, and then informally sharing later?


4. Splurge with a personal treat of a candle bath with great smells and soft music. Or a hot shower, maybe after your quick step into nature? Light some scented candles, put some nice-smelling Epsom salts in the water, and listen to instrumental music for 15 minutes. Let your mind relax along with your body. Treat yourself!


5. Reach out and do something nice for someone else. In DKG we are stars at doing community service. The pandemic may challenge us on doing this successfully, but remember that even small, incremental kindnesses can literally lift up another person. Recently, as I was going through airport security, I was asked to lower my mask for identification. I smiled hugely at the agent and said, “I’ll bet you don’t get enough smiles! Thank you for your work to keep us safe.” The agent literally beamed!


6. Remember to take care of your body, especially giving it time to relax and de-stress. Last spring my chapter was gifted with a speaker who took us through some simple chair yoga moves during our Zoom meeting. What a refreshing and relaxing time this was for us! Life is hard. Don’t forget that life is good, too.


7. Write a “tribute letter” to someone who has made in a difference in your life. After writing yet another eulogy for one of my departed friends, I realized that I wish I would have shared my tribute with her BEFORE she was gone. Now I write a “tribute letter” once a month to someone who is very much alive and who has had an impact on helping me become the person I am now. I mail the letter, with wonderful, positive results. Maybe as a chapter, try doing this as an activity and send out those powerful notes to the world. We all need these!


8. Consider trying a new creative hobby or craft. In our world of high tech, we have come to value the “high touch” (“hands on”) activities even more. Try a new recipe, pull out that embroidery or knitting you used to do, paint a pretty picture, or do a sculpture using a bar of Ivory soap. There is much to be said for the feeling of accomplishment when we are creating something! Ask members to bring something they have created, or plan a group “craft” project for a meeting.

Friday, January 7, 2022

Bang #28 Schools for Africa

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International (DKG) adopted Schools for Africa as our first official international project in 2010. Schools for Africa is a partnership between UNICEF, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, and the Hamburg Society. Schools for Africa helps the most disadvantaged children in Africa to get a quality education, focusing on girls, orphans, and other vulnerable youngsters.

Since 2010 DKG members have donated approximately $445,134.90. In 2019-2020 alone we have donated $32,047.65.

Currently the project works with 21 countries in sub-Saharan Africa including: Botswana, Burundi, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritania, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda. Schools for Africa has reached more than 30 million children.

According to UNICEF's most recent annual report on the Schools for Africa (SFA) project, found on our DKG website, significant gains have been made in:

  • Early childhood development
  • Access and retention to quality primary basic education
  • Non-formal education
  • HIV prevention in schools
  • Education in emergencies

Upon her return from a UNICEF-US Fund Site Visit to Ethiopia in 2019, Immediate Past International President Cathy Daugherty commented: "I was never so proud of DKG as I was touring the schools and medical facilities that DKG contributions made possible in this country. Children and women of all ages were reaping the benefits of DKG members' generosity, making a difference worldwide!"

The DKG website offers many resources for SFA material that can be used by state organizations, chapters and individuals. There are links to two short videos produced by UNICEF and DKG, two SFA Power Points, AND three SFA PDF documents ready for use. All donations must be paid directly to UNICEF using the Schools for Africa Flyer which includes a donation form. Use this link to find these resources.

Giving to Educate the World

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Mentoring: Whose Responsibility Is It?

According to Merriam-Webster, “Today, we use the word mentor for anyone who is a positive, guiding influence in another person's life.” So whose responsibility is it to mentor in DKG? It is important to DKG that every member serves as a mentor to others in their chapter and state organization in order to continue to have a strong, sustainable Society!

How can members mentor others in the Society?

      By inviting to membership educators who you feel would benefit and enrich DKG

      By being positive, encouraging and supportive to your chapter and state organization leaders

      By being willing to advise and guide others in positions that you have held in the past

      By being willing to accept a position of responsibility in your chapter or state organization whether on a committee or as an officer

What are you waiting for? Get out there and starting mentoring!

DKGIEF: Scholarship Fund

When someone asks what DKG does, members often begin with the statement that DKG gives scholarships to members--$6000 for a master’s degree and $10,000 for a doctorate. That’s true. DKG has 31 named scholarships funded by contributions --BUT most years all 31 cannot be awarded because the Scholarship Fund does not have enough money.

Every contribution to the DKGIEF Scholarship Fund makes a difference.

A scholarship from DKGIEF changes an educator. One educator changes thousands of lives in her school and her community. A changed life is a catalyst for global changes. The ripple from just one scholarship reaches far beyond the ken of the recipient.

A contribution to the DKGIEF Scholarship Fund reaches far beyond the ken of the donor. Your gifts to DKGIEF make a large difference in educators, schools, communities—the world.

The DKGIEF Vision Statement is Giving to educate the world. That vision is significant. The effect of giving helps to fulfill that significant vision and stirs visions and creates possibilities that reach into our shared future.


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