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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Helping Teachers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

   The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people of all walks of life.  With many systems returning to school already or in the near future, teachers are facing a great deal of uncertainty.  There are concerns for the safety of their students and themselves.  There is new technology to learn in order to best connect with their students virtually.  Added to these challenges is the need to prepare students for the ever-present state tests.  Classroom teachers, regardless of their years of experience, need the support of Delta Kappa Gamma members more than ever.  Unfortunately, members cannot enter the schools to assist in the classroom but there are ways that DKG members can show teachers their love and support.

  • Write encouraging notes.  Personal hand-written notes from others let teachers know that they aren’t in this alone.
  • Share inspirational quotes from well-known leaders.
  • Consider asking the chapter’s “resident poet” to write a short poem to thank the teachers for their service.
  • To up the ante, gift small school items with a note attached.  Highlighters, pens/pencils, glue sticks, etc. are inexpensive items that can bring a smile to a teacher’s face.
  • Food is always a good choice!  Perhaps a piece of candy or a couple of other treats could be attached to a note.  (Be sure to check with the school administration before preparing the treats.)
  • Post signs of thanks and encouragement along the school driveway so teachers can see those on their way to school.  Such action would help jumpstart a teacher’s day!
  • If it’s a small community, perhaps the chapter could put an ad in the local paper to thank teachers for their dedication.

Here’s the bottom line: Teachers need to know that they are appreciated and loved.  Any action which a chapter takes to achieve that goal would be well received.

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