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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Share the Secret with Someone

Does your chapter find it difficult to find new members?  Do you struggle to initiate even one or two new members each year?

Consider using the Membership Recruitment Plan.  If your chapter is or will be using the plan, now is the time to request members to complete a Prospect Card (sample is available at So, what tips can you give your members about finding the names of prospects?

Here are a few:

  • Consider new teachers hired this year by the local district or community. 
  • Volunteer to provide refreshments or the program at a district meeting or new teacher orientation.
  • Set up an exhibit at a community meeting.
  • Ask children and grandchildren for the names of their best teachers.
  • Invite principals and administrators to provide the names of women teachers on staff they would like to honor with membership.
  • Watch the newsletters and newspapers for the names of educators awarded for accomplishments, such as teacher of the year or national board certification awardee.

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