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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Bang #7 Educational Project Award


It is extremely likely that you or someone you know has had a fantastic idea for a project involving your chapter or state organization, but had trouble obtaining the funding necessary to help the project succeed.  The answer to all your problems may be found by applying for the Educational Project Award.  The DKG International Educators Foundation provides monies which support projects designed to address intercultural understanding, encourage standards of excellence in education, or assist and cooperate with various funds in support of the improvement of education. 

For 2020-2021, eleven (11) first-time projects were accepted and $36,365.00 (USD) was awarded to various state organizations.  Three projects totaling $13,635.00 (USD) were renewed for the year.  For more information, you can visit the DKG website.  From the Home page, look to the far right of the black banner and click on DKGIEF before scrolling to Educational Projects.  Tabs labeled Apply, Recipients, Mid-Year Form and Year-End Form will give you access to further information about the grant process.  Click on Recipients to peruse the various projects which have been approved.  You will surely be amazed to discover that you have had very similar ideas, but just didn’t know where to turn for assistance in getting those projects off the ground.   

The application process is simple and all documents are filed electronically no later than January 3.  Applications are available online. Any further documents required are also easily accessible.  If not completed after one year, your project is eligible for a one-time renewal. 

Even though the deadline is still almost a year away, don’t hesitate to begin putting together the details of your great idea for a project.  DKG may be able to assist you in seeing your dreams become a reality. 


Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Are you looking to enhance your leadership skills?

While many of you are familiar with the leadership training that DKG offers through pre-conference training for incoming state officers and The DKG Ignite: Leaders Empowering Leaders Program did you know there is more? Yes, just by going to the website you will find information to help you to further develop your leadership skills. Once you are on the website go to Resources ⇒ Leadership Lab. Here you will find hyperlinks to noted leadership experts like Susan Leahy, Mike Figliuolo, Sarah Sladek, and Amanda Gore. You will also find hyperlinks to webinars made by the international leadership development committee, parliamentary leadership information, advice for leaders on how to analyze problems from Gallup and their leadership blog, and self-publication insights from Gail Goolsby.

Monday, March 15, 2021

World Fellowship Spreads Hope

The World Fellowship Committee evaluates applications from all over the world.  These women applicants are very accomplished citizens within their countries.  They are seeking to learn what they cannot learn in their own country; and they are searching for universities that are top notch in the areas they seek expertise.  These women have a desire to return to their countries and help impact the lives of others.  The students who apply are from varied backgrounds and have various interests.  One applicant is interested in urban planning and teaching citizens how to improve entrepreneurial strategies to make life better.  Another applicant is working on neuroscience and researching new developments in this field.  Geology, particularly as related to petroleum development, is important to another student’s country.  Environmental law with a special interest in the sustainable use of natural resources, especially water, will benefit another applicant’s plans to help her country.

Women are changing this world.  The World Fellowship Fund falls under the umbrella of the DKG International Educators Foundation. Your donations to the World Fellowship Fund make it possible for DKG to be at the forefront of helping make these changes possible.  The generosity and efforts of our members are truly living examples of our vision statement. DKG members are truly leading women educators impacting education worldwide. Spread the great news! 

Thursday, March 11, 2021

DKGIEF: Foundation Outtakes #2 – March/April 2021

Did you know that both the Cornetet Individual Professional Development Award (CIPD) and its counterpart, the Cornetet Seminar for Professional Development Award (CSPD), are part of the nine funds coming under the auspices of the DKG International Educators Foundation (DKGIEF)? 

A former recipient of a CIPD Award expressed her gratitude for the significant impact this funding had on her: “Being a recipient [of a CIPD] has helped me grow as an educator. I attended a workshop with other educators who had a shared vision. It was exciting to collaborate meaningfully. I was surrounded by those who stay curious and celebrate learning. I met friends who continue to inspire me. I am so appreciative to the DKGIEF for this Award.” 

More information about applying for either a CIPD (applications due May 1, 2021) or a CSPD (applications due November 1, 2021) can be found in the DKGIEF column of the DKG News, Mar/Apr 2021 issue or on the DKGIEF page of the Society’s website. Money awaits! Fund your dream experience in education – all made possible through the generosity of a far-minded member whose bequest now provides meaningful opportunities for Society members. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Informative and Fun Program Ideas


The pandemic has certainly changed how many of our chapters have been meeting in the past year. Here are some ideas that can easily be used for in-person or virtual meetings.

1. March is National Women’s History Month. Spotlight famous women in history by having some members research some of them. It’s a great time to focus on some of the Society’s Founders. Ask members to dig deep to find some little-known facts about these ladies.

2. Feature outstanding women in your community (educators, businesswomen, city leaders, etc.) in a panel. A talented female college or high school student could possibly interview the woman like a TV talk show.

3. Have a chair yoga meeting. A local yoga instructor can guide your members through beneficial stretches….all in the comfort of your chair. It’s non-threatening and is a great stress reliever.

4. Invite a local artist or musician to perform and/or display their work. Ask that person to talk about their work (how they got started, preferences for media, etc.)

5. Consider having a DKG member from another country join your meeting via Zoom to talk about education in her country. Ask members to submit questions beforehand so the speaker can address those during her presentation. The difference in time zones may be the greatest obstacle in arranging such a meeting.

6. Have a program on family violence or human trafficking. Perhaps invite a local police officer or staff member from a women’s shelter to talk about these issues. Along with that program, members could donate items to the shelter, etc.

7. Honor past chapter presidents by spotlighting their biennial theme (if any), sharing accomplishments of the chapter during that time, etc. Consider having younger members to present each president with a certificate of appreciation.

8. Ask a sleep disorder specialist to present a program. For a fun touch, encourage members to come in their pajamas.

9. Ask an education professor from an area college/university talk about their teacher preparation program.

10. Contact someone in the district’s education department to talk about the district’s effort to mentor new teachers. Perhaps that person could also bring a couple of new teachers with him/her so they can share their experiences. 


Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Shopping at Supports the DKGIEF!

Did you know that you can make a charitable contribution, with no direct cost to yourself, by simply changing how you order items on Amazon? Instead of going to the default Amazon website, go to and choose DKG International Educators Foundation as your designated charity. You can also go directly to and start shopping immediately. The best thing is that at you'll find the exact same low prices, vast selection, and convenient shopping experiences as at—but you will be supporting DKG's foundation.

Once you begin shopping, the Amazon-Smile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible Amazon-Smile purchases. These donations will help support effective educational projects and charitable activities of DKG and professional growth of educators worldwide.

Thanks for considering changing how you purchase things on Amazon. Encourage your family and friends to choose DKG International Educators Foundation when they shop at Amazon. Together, we can all give to impact education worldwide. 


Thursday, March 4, 2021

Bang # 6 Cornetet Award

The Cornetet Award was established from the estate of Lucile Cornetet for professional and personal growth of women educators. Awards are given for individual professional development and educational seminars.

For individual professional development, electronic applications need to be submitted before the award dates of May 1 and November 1. Only employed educators may apply. This is an opportunity to get help paying for registration fees and conference-related materials, travel, lodging, food, and other expenses necessary for participation in professional development activities. As of February 2020, $801,200 (USD) has been granted to individuals for professional growth.

The Cornetet Award also may assist state or province organizations of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International in sponsoring a professional development educational seminar. Electronic applications need to be submitted by November 1.

For more information on the Cornetet Award, go to the website and locate the DKGIEF tab.

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