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Monday, March 15, 2021

World Fellowship Spreads Hope

The World Fellowship Committee evaluates applications from all over the world.  These women applicants are very accomplished citizens within their countries.  They are seeking to learn what they cannot learn in their own country; and they are searching for universities that are top notch in the areas they seek expertise.  These women have a desire to return to their countries and help impact the lives of others.  The students who apply are from varied backgrounds and have various interests.  One applicant is interested in urban planning and teaching citizens how to improve entrepreneurial strategies to make life better.  Another applicant is working on neuroscience and researching new developments in this field.  Geology, particularly as related to petroleum development, is important to another student’s country.  Environmental law with a special interest in the sustainable use of natural resources, especially water, will benefit another applicant’s plans to help her country.

Women are changing this world.  The World Fellowship Fund falls under the umbrella of the DKG International Educators Foundation. Your donations to the World Fellowship Fund make it possible for DKG to be at the forefront of helping make these changes possible.  The generosity and efforts of our members are truly living examples of our vision statement. DKG members are truly leading women educators impacting education worldwide. Spread the great news! 

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