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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The International Membership Committee welcomes you to 2016-2018!

We are excited to share our objectives for the coming biennium. They reflect the goals of the International Strategic Plan and consideration of our vision as Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide.

Develop a Communication Strategy
We are actively pursuing both old and new avenues of communications to share the value of DKG and to support members. We will be highlighting DKG, sharing best practices, and offering help. Watch for announcements coming soon!

Cultivate a Plan for Content Development
2016-2018 International Membership Committee
We will collaborate with other committees to offer webinars and videos about the society and to further professional development.

Implement a Member Engagement Plan
We continue to promote the membership plan, and will be developing resources to mentor new and veteran members.

Create Meaningful Connections
We invite you to actively participate with us in DKG Communities. We hope to strengthen leadership networks to foster internal support. We embrace diversity to cultivate an inclusive organization. 

We look forward to hearing your ideas and feedback! 


  1. The Membership Committee looks forward to receiving ideas on how chapters and states are increasing and retaining members in this blog and the Membership Forum in the DKG Communities. Please share your ideas and feedback!

  2. I am so excited to hear that mentoring will be a focus for developing resources. Members who are new to DKG will appreciate the guidance and support they can receive from Veteran DKG members. I know I personally am truly grateful for all the support, knowledge, and guidance I receive from my friends in DKG. I want to not only continue to gather that knowledge from others, but also learn the best ways to share with other Leading Women Educators!


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