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Sunday, March 19, 2017

ARE YOU REALLY CONNECTED TO DKG? You are if we have your email!

Does DKG International have your e-mail address?  And have you made sure that it is current and correct?
This simple detail is sometimes overlooked by members and puts a major crimp in communication efforts throughout the Society. In particular, efforts to reach out directly to members with information are stymied when emails come back as undeliverable!
Currently, only approximately 50% of our members have an email on file in the membership database at DKG Headquarters! In a recent effort to disseminate information via an “e-blast,” approximately 1/3 of the messages “bounced back”—i.e., could not be delivered because the email was incorrect or was blocked in some way. If you have wondered why DKG does not communicate directly with members--this is the reason! When too many emails bounce back, a site’s “reputation” suffers in cyberworld and blast emails become more and more difficult!
Think how easy it would be to receive a DKG email regarding important events, deadlines, and news—instead of having to go to the DKG website to find the information…or instead of waiting for the information to come down the communication chain within your state organization or chapter. Simple, direct communication!  We can make it happen with the cooperation of members in providing and updating email addresses!
Please do your part in communication efforts within DKG. Share your email address with your chapter and beyond. In particular, you can update your e-mail within your DKG Profile on the website. Sign in to MyDKG for easy access to your information in the DKG database…and ensure that it is current and correct!

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