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Friday, August 11, 2017

Working Together for Progress: President, Treasurer, Membership Chair

Chapters are the backbone and strength of the DKG Society International. Chapters are where members engage in altruistic activities and fellowship, and chapters are the places in which and through which membership grows and strengthens. Chapters engage in activities that are meaningful to their communities. During each biennium, state organization leaders train chapter leaders to carry out the work of DKG at the chapter level. Such leadership development is an integral part of the society.

At regional conferences this summer, international leaders shared ideas with state organization counterparts, such as the detailed and practical recruitment plan that can be found on the DKG website. More significantly, state organization presidents, treasurers, and membership chairs worked together to discuss strategies and develop plans to encourage chapter presidents, treasurers, and membership chairs to work as a team when recruiting new members, retaining current members, and collecting dues in a timely and manageable manner.

Feedback from attendees was positive. Leaders said they had ideas to take back to try in their state organizations, including surveying members for program topics at the time of membership renewal; working together as a team; and trying various ways of collecting dues.

The overriding goal is to increase membership and the sense of value in membership…. and it takes a team at each level of the Society to accomplish this goal for the benefit of all.

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