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Thursday, June 7, 2018

World Fellowship: Meet Nargiza

Meet Nargiza

Nargiza is a Fulbright scholar from Kazakhstan who came to the United States to study International Educational Management. Her dream is to open an educational agency in her home town back in Kazakhstan. She would like to create a computer program/website that would allow students to become more proficient in English.

Read in her own words about this technology that she wishes to support:

“I learned while working for a Taiwanese company that our world places a great importance upon technology. For that reason, I strongly endorse this online teaching platform. It provides so many practical advantages for just about every student. I strongly believe that this online platform should be used for audiences in Kazakhstan. It's already been tested on students in China and Taiwan, and we've found that they were able to learn English whenever they chose and wherever they were at. All they needed was access to the Internet through a mobile phone or a tablet. Isn't that amazing?
It is also very convenient for teachers, too. In addition to teaching English, I am a young mom. If I didn't have this platform to work with during the hours that my baby is asleep, I really couldn't say when I would fit teaching into my schedule. Instead of wasting time in a daily commute to an office or classroom, I conveniently work from my laptop at home. This online teaching platform has become not only a necessity for me, but also for physically handicapped English teachers, for whom a commute would be a real struggle. With a laptop and home wifi, these teachers are able to earn a living online, sharing their linguistic knowledge in a way that would have been impossible before this platform was available. Think of it — with a single website dedicated to Kazakh teachers, we could bring in young moms, the mobility-challenged, and really just about anyone who wanted to teach English and earn extra money for their well-being.”

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