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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Expect the upcoming 2019 International Conferences to be innovative and exciting!

Expect the upcoming 2019 International Conferences to be innovative and exciting! 
Everyone can find their interest at one of these conferences. 

•    In Asheville, North Carolina, you have the opportunity to enhance DKG through the Arts and Humanities.  Potential topics include: storytelling, books, music, writing, and, of course, art work.
•    Leadership will be the topic for Des Moines, Iowa.  As Arizona State Organization Treasurer, I’m looking forward to the state organization treasurer training and strategizing future plans with my state organization president and state organization membership chairman.  The rest of the conference, aimed to help develop that leadership, will be amazing! 
•    Technology is our future and the Costa Mesa; California Conference will set the pace.  How can we take DKG into the vast computer age?  Latin Americans and Japanese will have a Leadership Pre-conference state organization treasurer training just for them. 
•    Now, who wouldn’t want to attend a conference in Reykjavik, Iceland?  DKG has always promoted interests in Professional Research and Practices.  Come explore more!  State organization treasurers will receive as part of the pre-conference.
•    Finally, Global Awareness is the topic in Mashantucket, Connecticut.  Subjects are Native American issues, integration, United Nations, the Holocaust, and children’s peace artwork.  How can DKG fit into this awareness?

At every conference, there will be a workshop by the International Finance Committee members entitled Dues is NOT a four-letter word.  Positive thinking brings positive change to any situation. Learn about the many positive benefits as a result of the new dues process. Time will be allowed for networking with others about the process or other financial related topics.
Please check-out the International Conferences and choose the one that interests you!  Meet new people, make new networks, and strengthen Delta Kappa Gamma!

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