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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Touching Hearts & Minds: DKG and Zimbabwe

Malnutrition is one of the worst health problems in Zimbabwe and for years it has been the main concern of a woman leader, Guguletuh Moyo. DKG recognized her leadership efforts to create a better way to help children, not to wait until they are severely malnourished before providing them with nutritional assistance. Instead she wants to develop sustainable nutritional interventions that promote community ownership and use of local resources.

How has DKG recognized her efforts and given a helping hand to children from Zimbabwe? By giving Guguletuh a DKG world fellowship award that will help her to pursue her Ph.D. dream in nutrition in a U.S. university. With the knowledge and skills she is developing, she will fight against the lack of critical mass of Ph.D qualified nutrition scientists in Zimbabwe and forge ahead with her research findings.

Guguletuh told us: “I am thankful to Delta Kappa Gamma for covering a portion of my tuition. Without this support I would not be here, working towards my dream of a research and teaching career.”

At the same time, DKG can tell her, “We thank you for giving DKG the chance to touch your heart and your mind, to give a helping hand to the children of Zimbabwe, and to make us stronger and more devoted to the cause of educating women!”

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