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Monday, November 18, 2019

Selling School: The Marketing of Public Education

The Educators Book Award Committee evaluates all books, which meet the criteria of the award; however only one receives the award. With that in mind, the committee will share information through a blog format about books that were in the top five considered for the 2019 award. One of those books is Selling School: The Marketing of Public Education by Catherine DiMartino and Sarah Butler Jessen. This book addresses a timely topic that is changing the landscape of education in the United States. The book covers the history of the school for profit movement and its effects on the free, public education system in the country, as well as how students and teachers alike are being educated. It is a topic of interest for all educators, parents, and policymakers.

One online reader review stated “[The authors] discussed every aspect of the branding and selling of public charter schools and schools of choice to stakeholders that include families and future teachers. The authors detail the marketing work done…of the organizations who are running ….institutions of learning. …The book should be required reading for any college grad being recruited by Teach for America, as without emotion the authors' research and dissect that organization’s marketing to, and training of, recently college grads, and compare that to the reality that teachers encounter in their assignment schools. Their final chapter includes recommendations for policy, practice, and research that students and families deserve to have implemented. It is evident the authors hold great respect for teachers and the educational system.”

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