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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Sharing Our Values Marketing DKG

Daily attitudes, spoken words, published articles and social media posts are all marketing tools for the Society. If the word “Marketing” seems daunting, try this activity with your DKG colleagues.

Distribute a set of hand-shaped cut outs to your group. Ask each member to write the words that represent what she personally values about DKG on the hand. Have participants share their values with each other by chatting and passing their hands around. Ask them to call out some of the words and compare similarities with the group. The purpose is to focus members on why they are members and their personal and group values of membership.

Now, connect these value words to the idea of marketing. Use these key words when writing articles, developing flyers, posting on social media, and speaking about DKG. For example, instead of advertising “February Meeting,” advertise “Network with Colleagues.” Instead of “Annual Retreat,” promote “Women Leaders on the Move.”

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