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Monday, March 9, 2020

Study Abroad: World Fellowship Helps!

World Fellowship (WF) applications submitted for 2019 offered valuable and interesting reasons that helped the committee determine who would best benefit from receiving WF funds. Some reasons were academic while others noted more global emphasis and personal motivation. All provided a better understanding of how World Fellowship Program provides women around the world the opportunity to have additional support to complete their postgraduate studies and give back to their own communities.
A major reason that women submit a WF application centers on academics. Applicants often express a need to learn more from international organizations that contribute to training programs. They seek broader and specialized knowledge in the disciplines they study within the United States and Canada. Another reason, commonly cited, is the applicant’s desire to expand her view of the world through cultural exchange, closely associated with the importance given to becoming more of a citizen of the world.
But, there are additional emotional factors tied to the environment in which these women have grown and developed academically and socially. Some of the applicants' countries of origin suffer internal wars: genocide; lack of freedom of the press; racial, religious and cultural discrimination; and other discriminatory practices. The fact that they are women prevents them from finding support in their families, communities, and countries. An educated, strengthened woman can help change these situations upon her return. Most WF recipients, knowing this, express the desire to return and make a difference in their communities upon obtaining the educational degrees they earn.
DKG through its association with World Fellowship actively contributes to improving the quality of life for those women who are distinguished with a World Fellowship Program grant. DKG member contributions made a difference in the individual and in the communities these recipients represent worldwide.

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