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Thursday, April 30, 2020

After corona-- Are we changing our meeting habits and how?

Many of us are working from home during the corona crisis, learning new ways to meet, teach and communicate. What will happen when the crisis is over? Will we still keep social distances, relying on internet for connecting? Will we be travelling far less than we have done before and, if so, are we losing something very important?

The Chief Executive of one the big Swedish telecom businesses wrote that we will probably travel less and have less but shorter and more effective business meetings, but we still need a face-to-face coffee break each day. This is true--the Swedish coffee break is an opportunity to meet all staff, swap ideas, discuss, celebrate and feel empowered. For example, The C&M Committee’s European Representative Dr. Ingrid Stjernquist, together with a colleague, received funding for a project they outlined during a coffee break.

Do you have ideas what kind of meeting we will keep face-to-face and why they are important?

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  1. Most of our purposes can be done via the internet, but the #1 purpose, to unite women educators of the world in a genuine spiritual fellowship needs face to face meetings. I already miss the warmth of friendships. The social time with my DKG sisters just isn't the same on the net. Karin Breuer, Fraser Shores, British Columbia


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