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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Tips for Avoiding Phishing

Phishing is email designed to harm an individual or company by obtaining sensitive or personal information. It is created to look like a legitimate email from a trusted sender, such as recent emails claiming to be from state or international officers. Two common phishing emails using DKG officers’ names asked for gift cards or if the recipient had an Amazon account. Phishing scams have recently involved Covid-19-related requests.

Members can protect themselves from phishing emails by following these tips:
• Know the common signs of spam and phishing emails.
• Not providing personal information via email.
• Not opening emails from unknown senders.
• Check the email address if it says it is from an officer but asks for money or personal information.
• Use varying passwords.
• Keep anti-virus software up to date.
• Avoid clicking on pop-ups

Bottom line regarding phishing emails is for the recipient to be careful and vigilant about knowing the sender and not clicking on or responding to anything questionable. When in doubt, don’t!

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