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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Arts & Humanities Jury Debut

“Creativity takes courage” - Henri Matisse

For many of us, stepping out of our comfort zone through the arts is an expression of courage.  The reward is the feeling of gratification in the work, whether it be in the visual arts, musical or written word.  The key lies within each of us to find our true passion and to have the courage to express it.

The DKG International Arts & Humanities Jury has developed a mission to support and encourage our membership in the various fields of the creative arts. The committee is excited to expand our DKG platform into a new digital space and is offering to connect with membership through a monthly creative arts’ blog site, Arts & Humanities Jury.

The interactive visual arts, literary and musical composition blog will provide interesting content and informational links/resources for our readers.  Topics will include Artists Spotlight featured within the DKG Gallery, tips and tricks-of-the-trade resources, insights into the motivations of an artist, and Q&A moments to gain insight and knowledge from seasoned artists, writers, and craftsmen.

Join us in our art world exploration, where you, the avid artist, is front and center and forever courageous.  We look forward to you returning often to view new exciting content offerings!

We invite you to view the Art Gallery, click here.

Keep the conversation going, please use the comment section below to suggest new topics, ask questions, or give us your input.


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  1. Although we may not consider ourselves "artists," we are still creative beings. The opportunity to share some of our creations with each other via the DKG Gallery offers a chance to see ourselves as as artists and reflect on images that show the thoughts and joys of others and ourselves. Consider blog postings about values of making/creating art...also about looking at/listening to art.....


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