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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Bang # 10 International Speakers Fund

Would you like to travel and speak to diverse groups of people? Do you have compelling information to share with others? Are you interested in meeting and sharing different cultures with members from another country? If so, DKG has the program for you; the International Speakers Fund (ISF)!

State or country organizations can host an ISF Speaker at a convention or workshop. Expenses for travel to the meeting site are paid for through ISF, the state organization hosts the speaker while at the location. Applications are available to download on the website from July 1 – September 15. After completing, your state organization president will submit it electronically to Society Headquarters by September 15. Applications are kept active for two years. Members can also donate to this worthy cause.

If chosen, you would serve as an ambassador on behalf of the Society, providing you the opportunity to speak about your ideas, research, and experiences. Lasting friendships and links to other cultural experiences would be formed. So, decide on the topic(s) that you would like to speak on and submit your application!

Think about the engaging experience this would provide for members. As educators, we are always interested in other education systems, practices, needs, and views. This lasting friendship goes both ways. The speaker, the audience, and the donator are all part of “Uniting women educators of the world”. 

To donate to the International Speakers Fund online go to then click on DKGIEF.

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