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Thursday, February 8, 2024

Empower Global Education: Join the World Fellowship Committee!

Consider submitting your name to serve on the World Fellowship Committee next biennium! Become an advocate for enabling women from other countries to study in the USA and Canada to broaden their horizons and make the world a better place.

Did you know that the number of awarded World Fellowships recipients is determined by the individual and chapter giving the year before?

Members of The DKG International World Fellowship Committee have an opportunity to select recipients each year. Applications are submitted through the Fulbright Commission/ Foundations of the United States Embassy and then submitted to International.

One of the staff members at Headquarters has a tremendous task of gathering all the documentation from WF applicants and then distributing it to the five committee members. We are divided into two groups for reading the lengthy documents and scoring them on a rubric.  If you have ever served on a scholarship or grants committee you understand the time commitment required.

If there is a discrepancy in the scores the chair reads and scores those applications. The applications are ranked by the combined scores. A highlight of serving is meeting and working with other DKG members of the committeeMembers meet to discuss the applications and determine the actual recipients. International staff contact the recipients and Universities to make sure they are enrolled before the list is released to our membership. 

One of the highlights has been writing articles and blogs to encourage chapters to promote this international initiative. While attending the International Conference in Phoenix spending time with our committee members was great fun. I have enjoyed sending cards and emails to welcome them to studying in the USA or Canada. One thing I have learned is a year passes very quickly so reaching out early enables better communication with our recipients. The committee has engaged in a Zoom meeting with available recipients to hear firsthand the experiences they have encountered.

As a member of the World Fellowship Committee, I recommend chapters engage in reaching out to WF recipients with cards of encouragement. Review the recipient list and see if they are studying in your state and invite them to your chapter meeting.

This year I have invited one of the recipients I have been communicating with to my chapter virtual meeting. Think outside the box on how your chapter can donate and encourage World Fellowship Recipients.  We encourage you to consider submitting your name to serve on this important international DKG committee.

Connie Savell, Delta Tau Chapter, North Carolina
World Fellowship Committee Member

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