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Monday, November 28, 2016

Are You In Yet?

Although you don’t have to set up a member profile to gain access to the international website’s member only documents you are missing out on some great features! Visit the My Account area under the MyDKG tab for a  personalized member experience at 

By logging into your member account area you have easy access to:
  • Receipts for regional conferences/international conventions you have/will be attending 
  • Donations you have made to the Society
  • Transaction records for orders you have made with the DKG Store
  • Your member profile with capability to edit your personal contact information in the international database, "opt in" to the Member Directory (allowing other members to connect with you) and choose your communication preferences (such as choosing to receive emails or text messages from DKG) 
  • The DKG Communities for an interactive experience
In the My Account area, state and chapter leaders have a dashboard set up specifically for them granting them access to their state or chapter members’ information. Currently presidents and treasurers have access with more officers gaining access soon.

The DKG Communities is a member only social network where members can discuss common issues whether they are related to DKG, educational issues or common interests. More information on the Communities and how to access them can be found in the September/October 2016 issue of Get Connected (Communications & Publicity Committee Page).

In the Communication Preferences, members have the option of being included in a Member Directory. Recently, the committee tried to email several members from other states and the emails were returned undeliverable. By using the Member Directory, we were able to access their current email addresses because they had agreed to be included in the directory.

Set up your Member Profile now by going to the MyDKG tab at Members who wish to connect with you can get to know you through the details you share in your DKG Profile. Remember to include your favorite photo! You will need to sign into the website with your membership number and the initial password which your chapter president can give you.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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  1. There are some good ideas for retaining new chapter members in the
    DKG Membership Forum section of the DKG Communities. Would love to see others chime in.


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