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Monday, June 12, 2017

Forty-five Publicity Ideas to Create Buzz: Part 1

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One of the best ways to stir up awareness and publicity for your chapter is to generate some buzz—word of mouth marketing is free (or at least, cheap) and, even better, highly effective. Plus, it’s something that spans both the online and the offline worlds and can put your organization clearly on people’s radar in a very positive fashion.

Nothing says “This organization is worth your time and money” better than a satisfied member who passionately believes that her chapter is truly worth her time and money.

The big question is, how do you get people chatting? To boost your chapter’s buzzability, you have to give your members something worth talking about beyond the latest direct mail drop or email blast.

The following ideas will fuel the fire.

  • Make sure your members know your program content inside and out, so they can “sell it” on a moment’s notice.
  • Develop and use a distinctive business card that promotes your chapter.
  • Develop a 2-minute commercial members can recite.
  • Cultivate the art of talking to people.
  • Advertise by word-of-mouth.
  • Prepare candy treats, with DKG info attached, to give to new teachers in their area schools in February.
  • Prepare goody bags (post-it notes, markers, candy, etc.) that include a card and brochure about DKG and the chapter to new educators in local districts.
  • Provide a scholarship every year to a local student entering education. Better yet, provide a grant to a young woman beginning student teaching.
  • Develop an informational brochure.
  • Sponsor Cinderella’s Closet (or similar), offering free prom dresses and accessories to high school girls.
  • Advertise a project by sending flyers to schools and articles to the paper.
  • Make a video production and upload to YouTube.
  • Sign a business card with DKG and chapter info by a member and leave it at the school, business, or wherever when a contact/project has been made.
  • During National Teacher's Week (in May), distribute printed cards (card stock and cut into whatever size) into teachers' mailboxes with an appropriate thank-you saying on one side and DKG logo and mission statement on the other. Include officers' names.
  • Create an "adopt-a-classroom" project where schools can apply for DKG help: tutoring, bulletin board creation, books, etc.
  • Have members involve themselves in local events and submit articles to the local paper.
  • Write a newspaper column or a magazine or journal article about your chapter.
  • Make reprints of the article and use them as handouts.
  • Get involved in political, professional, civic, recreational, and social organizations to develop contacts.
  • When a member passes away, purchase a memorial gift for the school at which she taught. The gift should bear the name of your chapter for all employees and visitors to see.
  • Promote your program with banners.
  • Have each member who brings a prospective new member have her name placed in a drawing for a $75 cash prize. Bring two members and have two chances to win!

Come back next week for the second half of this list! Try one idea from the list today... and then try another one next week!


  1. Thanks for sharing these great ideas! I hope many will read this!

  2. elizabeth TarnerJune 14, 2017 at 5:01 AM

    Great ideas!

  3. Love these.

  4. Thank you for the suggestions! Can't wait for the second half of the list.
    Rannette Dean

  5. These suggestions are great. Can't wait to share with members.


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