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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Forty-five Publicity Ideas to Create Buzz: Part 2

This is the second part of the C&P committee's list of ideas for creating a buzz about DKG!

Publicity Ideas.png

  • Create a first-day-of-school display to let women educators in your district know DKG can be a wonderful addition to their lives. The visual display should show that your chapter is a great place to be.
  • Give speeches to organizations in your community. Tell them about your chapter and its work.
  • Present a program at a community college or a school parents’ night.
  • Give and attend open houses; network there.
  • Send engraved announcements whenever you do something big.
  • Make liberal use of news releases and public service announcements.
  • Create a media event--for example, a conference--and invite the press.
  • Get a booth at a local show or fair.
  • When someone asks for your help, say “yes.”
  • Work with local school boards and secure a place on the agenda during their annual awards and scholarship meeting to present a DKG chapter or district scholarship to a deserving graduating senior.
  • Identify schools in a district that have no members on the faculty who are Society members.
  • Create snack baskets and place them in faculty lounges with DKG brochures.
  • Notify principals and/or superintendents in writing when one of their teachers has been initiated into the Society.  Membership Announcement Cards can be ordered through the DKG Store.
  • Volunteer to be a guest speaker and give a program about the Society at local community meetings such as Women’s Clubs, Service Clubs, or Chamber of Commerce meetings.
  • Create trifold posters with DKG brochures and place them in public places such as public libraries.
  • Leave Society brochures at your doctor’s and dentist’s offices.
  • Establish chapter, district, or state organization media awards to be presented at chapter, district, or state organization meetings.
  • Use DKG templates for press releases and submit to community newsletters. The templates can be found under Forms > Press Releases.
  • Use the DKG template for chapter brochures and leave them with international brochures in public places or doctors' or dentists' offices.
  • Present a program of interest on an educational topic as representatives of the Society for special interest groups such as parents of children with disabilities or early childhood educators.
  • Present a program of interest on an educational topic for teacher groups and offer continuing education credits.
  • Place one of the official DKG trademarked logos on print materials such as advertisements for public activities the chapter/state organization is sponsoring.  Only logos currently on the Society website should be used because we are trying to create a recognized brand for DKG.
  • Finally, believe in your chapter . . . then others will, too.

Did you try one last week? If not, try two this week.

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