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Sunday, July 30, 2017

I’m confused! Google Docs? Google Drive?

Google offers many online apps for everyone. If you have a need, Google has you covered! At every level of DKG, groups or committees can work together on a project using Google apps that make the work easier. However, if you are like many people, you can’t sort out the difference between Google Drive and Google Docs. Aren’t they the same? I can access my documents in both. So what does each do?

Simply put, Docs is like a word processor, and Drive is the place where all of your documents, of any sort, are stored.

Google Docs is a web-based editing tool (read word processor) that allows users to create, share, and edit documents.

Google Docs:
    Allows uploads of Word and other text-based documents;
    Allows multiple users to work in real time adjusting margins, adding photos, editing content, and putting finishing touches on documents;
    Allows multiple version of documents to be stored;
    Allows owner to determine what privileges are given each user;
    Allows the completed project to be saved and transferred to a desktop in Word, OpenOffice, RFT, PDF, or HTML format--as well as having the option to be placed in a zipped file.

Google Drive is a cloud storage solution for storing all of your files. Drive is set up to allow multiple users to have access to files and folders.

Google Drive:
    Stores documents, presentations, music, pictures, videos and any other files that you want to save;
    Allows you to search for anything, including text in picture files;
    Is accessible from any device;
    Is free for up to 15GB.

There are mobile apps for both Google Docs and Google Drive. In addition, if you are logged in to your Google account, you can access both via the Google Search page ( > Google “waffle” [In the upper right corner] > select app. (See image below)

Share how you use any of the Google Apps. Your DKG sisters may be able to use your ideas!

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  1. Great information for chapters. Those of you that attended your Regional Conference had an opportunity to participate in a workshop on Google Docs.


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