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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Reflections on a Regional Conference

“It’s a small world” seems like a cliché, but it is becoming more and more evident
that our planet is shrinking, at least in thought. DKG has shrunk borders between
states, nations and continents for me but, at the same time, has broadened my
worldwide experiences. I recently returned from the NW Regional Conference in
Spearfish, South Dakota. For anyone unfamiliar with regional conferences, they are
similar to a high school or college reunion. Hugs and squeals of excitement are
commonplace during the conference. For some, it has been only a year since they
last saw their DKG comrade, but for others it has been a decade. Walks down
memory lane fill many conversations. If someone attended a regional conference
solely for this reason, it would be money well spent, but there is so much more to

Our general session speakers reminded us of our importance to education and
the difference we, and those before us, have already made. They made us think of
courage, determination, connectedness, empathy, and involvement. DKG women
embrace all of these characteristics! Training, break-outs, and 10-minute
takeaway sessions offered us the opportunity to look forward and to plan for 2029 and
beyond. As I reflected on my involvement in DKG, my heart was full, knowing that
across the globe, 75,000 of my sisters are leading education worldwide. I was also
reminded that physical borders may separate us, but the bond that is created among
DKG women surpasses rivers, plains, and mountains. I left the conference with a
renewed pride in DKG and look forward to our International Convention in Austin

next summer.

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