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Thursday, September 14, 2017

DKG Impacts the World

When traveling to the Northeast Regional Conference, the guard at the Canadian border asked the reason for our visit. I said a conference for key women educators.  He replied, “Wow and welcome to Canada”.  Later that week, several of us were having lunch and the waitress asked how our vacation was going and we replied that we were not on vacation but here for a convention.  We are key women educators impacting education worldwide.  She stood up straight and said “Wow, you must be very special ladies”.  It was at that moment that I simply decided I would no longer say I am a member of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.  When asked about my work in DKG, I am a member of an organization that impacts education all over the world.  I realize the effect of our work is not just in my chapter or state, it really is worldwide. Opportunities for professional development, scholarships and stipends, collegiality and networking; projects that support the work of teachers and students, and positive influence on situations far from our homes such as Schools for Africa, Malawi wells are plentiful. 
I am thrilled the organization is stressing “Simplify, Simplify”.  This forces us to take a long hard look at our practices and realize there must be changes in how we do business.  We have the opportunity to serve a new generation of women who could benefit from all that we have to offer.  Why wouldn’t every female educator want to be a member of an organization that impacts education worldwide?  I can think of none.  I look forward to learning more about the proposed changes that will focus on Society operations and update our practices to meet the needs of 21st century educators. 

See you in Austin next summer!


  1. I so agree with you ... I rarely use Delta Kappa Gamma when people ask questions. Instead, I refer to my involvement with a professional organization of women educators. I must add "impacting" and "worldwide" as those are impressive. Thank you for you insight .. looking forward to Austin!

  2. I like this response as well! Sometimes I feel when others hear DKG or Delta Kappy Gamma, we are instantly linked with s sorority. We are so much more!


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