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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Isn’t it time that you “Get Connected!”?

There is a wealth of information available throughout the Delta Kappa website. Committees, events, forms, and resources are at your fingertips. In addition, we hope that you are familiar with the bi-monthly newsletter published by the Communications and Publicity Committee, Get Connected!

Each one-page newsletter usually covers several topics. Topics include Public Relations, My DKG, Internal Marketing, Benefits of Membership, Informational Videos, Privacy Issues, DKG Communities, Social Media, Blogs, Educational Opportunities for Members, the DKG App, and even QR Codes.

Every effort is made to distribute “Get Connected!” to state editors and webmasters. We hope that “Get Connected!” is posted on state websites, mentioned in state newsletters, and shared with chapters.

Have you seen copies? If not, THIS LINK will take you to the entire list. However, to get you started quickly, here is an overview of the last two editions.

Read and share this valuable source of information. And let us know what topics you would like to see explored in upcoming issues!

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