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Monday, January 8, 2018

Moments of Member Appreciation

We are well into the DKG year and busy with chapter programs and projects. Our work is very important, yet how can we ensure that every member knows she is needed and valued along the way? Here are a few ideas:  

  • Ask members attending meetings/projects infrequently how they would like to contribute to the chapter. 
  • Maintain and encourage active participation in workshops, conferences, and/or conventions at all levels, for all members, not only officers.  
  • Engage members who have received scholarships, traveled, etc., to speak about their experiences at a chapter meeting.  
  • Provide opportunities for members who do not attend events beyond the chapter to know about those meetings and to assist members who do.  
  • Assign a member, or group of members, to reach out to members who are not attending meetings to let them know they are missed and make sure they are well.  
  • Send certificates, cards, or an email to recognize membership anniversaries.  
  • Recognize one or more members for professional service and/or service to DKG at chapter meetings, in your newsletter, and/or with a chapter achievement award.  
  • Nominate members for state organization committees and awards, or recommend them for a Member Spotlight. 
When we utilize member’s talents and recognize their contributions, they learn and grow and are more likely to stay engaged. When members are connected, our chapters get stronger. For more ideas see our new resource, Strategies for a Positive Chapter Environment. 

How do you keep members engaged in your chapter and the Society? 

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