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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Internet of Things

By 2020, the number of “things” (IoT) connected to the internet will be, according to various projections, 25 billion or 100 billion.  
The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the rapidly growing network of connected devices (beyond the common computer) that are able to collect and exchange data. 
Devices such as 
  • mobile phones with GPS and a hundred other applications (like the ability to open your hotel room door, bypassing check-in completely) 
  • Fitbits, Apple watches, and smart clothing that gather, transmit, and track your personal health data 
  • thermostats that allow you to adjust your home’s temperature remotely 
  • refrigerators that help you make store lists and have groceries delivered 
  • smart cars that can be summoned via your smartphone and can be ready and waiting for you by the time you hit the road outside! All you need to do is then talk to her” and ask her to take you home while you relax to some jazz music on her music system. The car keeps checking local traffic and takes the fastest route home, while reminding you to pick up groceries that your housemate texted are needed. (Such cars are already here.) 
  • life enhancement devices, such as Amazon Echo, that hear and respond to your commands … and connect with your home, your car, and more. 
  • smart lightbulbs with voice-activated Bluetooth speakers and microphones built right in. Why take up valuable space for a baby monitor on the dresser when a light bulb in the crib-side lamp can do double duty? 
How does IoT’s apply to DKG?  
On the simplest level, all communications must be mobile friendly. All communications! Fewer and fewer members use a computer to get email, texts, and messages. Our members are using their smartphones, tablets, and even devices like smart watches. 
Our Society already has an app filled with all kinds of information about DKG. (Updated app available soon!) App downloaders may have a value-added method of instant two-way communication. For app users, this could include maps, self-guided walking tours, insider information, and more. 
For members who cannot attend a conference or convention, a live or recorded showing could make them feel part of the organization. 
New chapters might hold meetings entirely online using IoT devices. 
You now know a little bit about a new and growing area of technology. If the opportunity presents itself, will you be willing to take the step forward? 

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