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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Making an Impact, Part III

How can we, as educators, impact legislation, whether at the local, county/parish, state or federal levels? Furthermore, can we have an impact on legislation?  Remember to call, write, e-mail, text, and visit your representatives. When your Congressional Representative or Senator is home from Washington, be sure to attend updates and visit the local office to let it be known that you are interested and care about issues and policies dealing with women, children and education. Head to the state capitol building for lobby days if your school district or city has them. Stay in contact.
Steve Tobak (CBS Interactive News August 9, 2011) talks about “a ripple effect that, over time, can actually impact thousands over generations.” Further, he posits “a broadening effect since one person influences many, like multiplying tree branches.” We as women and educators can make hundreds of ripples and impact thousands, over weeks, months, years and generations to come.
We can also broaden one person’s (legislator’s) experience, deepening it, and causing it to influence others in his/her circle. Let’s strive to influence others to support our causes, so they in turn will impact others in their circles of influence, who will then impact others. Let’s strive to deepen our legislators’ understanding of issues important to us. It takes time and commitment, but it will be worth it for our children, our profession, and our collective health and well-being. Of course, the ultimate answer for anyone who’s gotten “charged up” by political discussions and elections is that person should run for office.

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