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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Scholarship Blog

Did you know that as many as 30 scholarships are available for DKG members studying at the graduate level? Scholarships for the master’s degree level are $6000 and for the doctorate level $10,000. DKG awarded 9 Doctoral Scholarships and 4 Graduate Studies Scholarships for a total of $114,000 in 2022. Requirements for the doctoral level are three years of active membership and for other graduate levels, one year of active membership. Applicants should show evidence of community service and excellence in scholarship. Other requirements can be viewed at the international website ( under DKGIEF and Funds.

Not only are there scholarships offered at the international level, but state organizations and chapters also offer them. DKG at all levels has made a difference to these recipients pursuing advanced degrees. This financial support also offers encouragement to the recipients who feel that someone is supporting their efforts to gain new knowledge and credentials.

The availability of scholarships can be used as a recruiting tool for new members. What an excellent opportunity to promote membership in DKG by sharing the scholarship opportunities for members! Our scholarships show that DKG really does offer meaningful support for women educators and opportunities for them. Members who already have advanced degrees also support other women educators with their DKG membership.

Make a point to find out what scholarship opportunities your chapter, state organization, and DKG International offers for your chapter members. Then encourage them to apply.

Just a reminder - Did you also know that individuals, chapters, and state organizations can make contributions to the scholarship funds? Contributing to DKG scholarships is a great way to support women educators.

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