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Monday, January 29, 2024

Local Nonprofits and DKG

In whatever region of DKG you may live, your community relies on contributions for support of their local nonprofits. Our chapters are very generous in supporting those in need. This support can come in many forms – monetary, supplies, or time and volunteerism. 

Monetary gifts are always appreciated. These gifts can then be allocated to the areas of greatest need. Sometimes, these nonprofits specify what a certain amount can provide for the year. An example would be The Food Group in our community that states a gift of $500 feeds a child during the school year in their weekly individual food bags. Gift cards can also be very helpful. These allow the nonprofit to pass these cards along to the recipients of their non-profit. Two such groups are Big Brothers Big Sisters and Habitat for Humanity. Big Brothers and Big Sisters encourage gift cards to local establishments such as movie theaters, bowling alleys, and skating rinks. Habitat for Humanity families have great needs when they move into their new homes and gift cards for groceries or home supplies are very welcome. 

Shopping can be great fun when you have a list of specific items requested by your local nonprofit. DKG chapters often focus on assisting women and children in their areas. Groups like Foster Parent Exchanges, Advocacy and Resource Centers, and Child Development Centers develop wish lists of items they can most use with their clients. Some are seasonal like coats, mittens, and socks. Others include the on-going need for hygiene products, appropriate toys, books, or games. A local equine assisted therapy program listed the need for English and Western saddle covers as well as 6-foot cotton lead ropes. 

DKG members are regularly found donating their time, energy, and talent to local non-profits. Sometimes projects are a one-time event while others carry on for an indefinite time. Events can include annual fund-raising opportunities by the nonprofit. Volunteers would assist with planning, setup, and cleanup. Weekly or flexible time occasions could include dog and cat aides at shelters, trail maintenance at parks or refuges, docents at museums or galleries, or construction volunteers. 

What are you and your chapter members interested in? What is your favorite cause? Your local nonprofits are just waiting for your chapter to get going with your support. Monetary, supplies, or time – any of these or all three are much appreciated. 

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