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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Attachments vs Hyperlinks: How do you send your state/chapter newsletters?
More and more states and chapters are getting their newsletters to their members by using hyperlinks rather than attachments. In either case, using a PDF file is preferred because a PDF uses less memory and can be opened by anyone.
The Problems with Attachments
  • Attachments can raise flags by both spam filters and recipients because attachments are viewed with suspicion.
  • Attachments have file size limits. While it is still best to keep file sizes small, many quality images in a newsletter can make the file quite large. An old rule of thumb is to limit files to 10 MB, but that is becoming less practical.
  • Attachments can use up a lot of storage in the email account. Some email accounts will bounce a message if the storage is full, preventing the message from getting through to the intended recipient.
Advantages of Using Hyperlinks
  • Providing a link eliminates the issues of spam filters and file sizes.
  • You can link to a cloud service such as Dropbox or a page on your website.
  • Sending members to your website may encourage them to look at other pages on the site.
  • Sharing via Dropbox allows you to track who has accessed the file.
  • Should you catch an error and edit a file, the link will always be to the latest version.

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