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Thursday, May 25, 2017

PROPOSE TO ME –The JOY of De-Cluttering

Do you have a drawer in your home that is the “catch all” for batteries, buttons, bills (paid and unpaid) and various items that have no home to speak of? Do you consciously avoid opening this drawer?  Do you put off reorganizing that drawer knowing full well that you need to eliminate antiquated, non-functional items stored there?

The Constitution and International Standing Rules house items similar to the “catch all” drawer in our homes. Since September committees and members have been giving a “close” read to our governing documents. They have located excess information and have proposed changes that will streamline and reorganize the contents. They have considered simplifying committee names while modernizing the makeup and function of committees and boards. Some proposals have recognized that several items are best housed in DKG publications other than the Constitution. Others have eliminated components no longer needed due to technological venues that are in place.

EVERY DKG member has the opportunity to propose changes this biennium. Your proposal may result in promoting more use of the governing documents by more members at all levels of the Society. There is no better feeling than getting everything in order and functioning to an optimal degree. By proposing amendments to the Constitution Committee you are helping DKG put its house in order, one drawer at a time.

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