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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

AWB: Be Brave

I urge you to BE BRAVE. Does your chapter need an update? Do you meet on the same day of the same week every time? Do you often have too much social time and not enough program time to satisfy your busy members? Well, BE BRAVE. Raise your voice and ask what could make your shared time better? What do members really want? Would varied meeting times allow those members who are committed to family and community schedules to attend more often? Would meeting at a different hour help? Does your chapter meeting involve buying a meal? What if it did not? Do your members know each other and feel committed to each other? Is there value in your programs? Do you make each member feel valuable? Does someone contact those chronically absent members? Do you know why they are absent? Do you know how they do want to contribute even though they cannot attend the meetings? 

BE BRAVE! Ask the hard questions—and listen to the responses. YOU do not have to do this alone. The international Membership Committee WANTS to help you and has resources for you. The 2016-2018 goals of the Membership Committee can be readily translated into attainable goals for your chapter: 
  • Develop a Communication Strategy 
  • Cultivate a Plan for Content Development 
  • Implement a Member Engagement Plan 
  • Create Meaningful Connections 
One strong voice—YOURS—can lead to a better way. ONE person speaking out can have a lasting influence for the better. BE BRAVE. Ask ALL your members to participate in creating a chapter that fulfills all seven Purposes for ALL. But BE BRAVE. Don’t just ask. Listen and risk trying different practices and methods that will sustain members in their professional and personal lives. 

BE BRAVE. Use your voice. Use your conviction. Use your resources for the benefit of all. When you create and ensure opportunity for others, you too will grow too. 


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