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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Come and Get It!


     I love to travel! It’s so much fun to see in person the places that I have read about or seen in pictures. As I travel, I love to try new restaurants…not the chain variety but hole-in-the-wall places like those featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. One of my sisters jokingly says that I like to eat my way across the country! When you dine at a new restaurant or maybe at your favorite restaurant, do you just order rolls and water? I certainly don’t!

    In Delta Kappa Gamma, we are presented a smorgasbord of goodies (think benefits) of membership. Here’s a “sampler platter” of those benefits:

    • Fellowship and learning through a local chapter
    • Leadership training
    • Scholarships and grants
    • Networking with educators around the world
    • Staying informed on legislative issues and concerns
    • Forums for presenting and publishing
    • Professional conferences and conventions
    • Supporting Early-career Educators through chapter projects in local communities
    • Making a difference by supporting Schools for Africa
    • Participation in projects to benefit our communities, our state, and our world

    Although fellowship with other DKG sisters may be high on the list of why you value your membership, you’re missing out on some of the other treats if that’s the only thing you sample. Just as “there’s no free lunch,” you can’t enjoy the benefits if you don’t “take a “seat at the table” and “dig in!” Offer your support and assistance to “the top bananas” (aka chapter officers) as they make plans for the chapter to “cook up a storm” with tantalizing programs. Although we all have “a lot on our plate” these days, make the effort to participate in meetings and to have “your finger in the pie” by participating in projects. Reap “the fruits of your labor” by celebrating your chapter’s accomplishments. Invite other key women educators “to the table” by sponsoring them for membership. Make plans now to attend the 2021 international conferences, virtually if necessary. There you’ll spend time with the “cream of the crop” women educators from around the world who will impress you by their professionalism, knowledge, and skills. I hope this menu “whets your appetite” for the “feast” that is available to you through membership in DKG. Hope you’re hungry!!

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