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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

DKGIEF: Foundation Outtakes #1 – January/February 2021

The 2020 recipient of the DKG Educators Book Award, Gail Goolsby, member of Beta Rho Chapter in Kansas, shares how supporting the DKG International Educators Foundation (DKGIEF) supports women authors who are publishing educational research relevant across the world.  

“I was delighted when a chapter member encouraged me to enter the Educators Book contest. I believed other teachers and administrators would relate to my school experience. Winning this prestigious award took my world into a new dimension. Members have purchased hundreds of books, and I have enjoyed the opportunity to speak via Zoom to over a dozen chapters and groups around the country. I am so grateful for this award and that our member support projects like the book award that can help authors find validation and support.”  

Follow this link to donate to the Educators Book Award Fund or any of the other funds under DKGIEF. Donation envelopes were also included with the most recent issue of the Collegial Exchange.  

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