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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Virtual Mobility: A New Term for Many Members


When you read the article Going Multicultural: Benefits of an International Society in the DKG News, you will notice the term “virtual mobility,” an expression that’s probably new to most members who live outside the Europe Union (EU). Virtual mobility is often used to describe teachers and students in higher education who virtually study in countries other than their own.

In this article, Author Eija Liisa Sokka-Meaney, the European representative to the DKG International Communications and Marketing Committee, offered two examples of “virtual mobility:” create opportunities for virtual mobility by inviting members beyond their chapter, state or country to a virtual gathering or replicate an experience like this one: a member from Iowa recently joined a Finnish chapter for an online meeting. 

The term “virtual mobility” certainly pertains to DKG International as members throughout the world share information. Case in point: Who knew about virtual mobility until you read Eija Liisa’s article or you live in Europe? And, "blended mobility," watch for more to come.


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