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Thursday, January 28, 2021

"Unveiled Truth: Lessons I Learned Leading the International School of Kabul" by Gail Goolsby


       The winner of the DKG Educator’s Book Award for 2020 is Unveiled Truth: Lessons I Learned Leading the International School of Kabul by Gail Goolsby. Gail is a member of the DKG Beta Rho Chapter of the Kansas State Organization.

       Susan Perkins, Kansas State Organization Webmaster and Editor and Past Kansas State Organization President wrote this about Unveiled Truth, "Gail Goolsby has written a book that tells the story of her time as the leader of the International School of Kabul and the challenges she faced as an educator and woman living in Afghanistan.  Her accounts of the experience allow us to view a different culture and how challenges like this make us a better person…”

      The committee selected the book for its readability and shared topics  with the other books reviewed and recommended by the committee this year.  Included in those topics were women’s issue of equality, inequities in educational opportunities based on financial status, engaging the reader in using the Socratic Method of inquiry, and a story of inspiration of growth through both failure and success.

    The Educators Book Award Committee encourages members to read this book and highlight it in newsletters, websites and at chapter meetings.  Using it in a book discussion would introduce members to the Afghan culture and people.  Gail’s questions at the end of each chapter would also encourage members to think creatively about their own lives.

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