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Friday, January 29, 2021

Give the Gift of Expansion!

When you were given the gift of membership in DKG, how did you feel? What an honor! Was your heart full of emotion, joy, and excitement? Perhaps the feelings were much like that of a child opening a very special gift.

There has been much discussion about giving this gift of membership and the joy, support, and honor that can be experienced by a new member. But perhaps there is more that can be given. Have you considered expanding membership into an underrepresented area of your state organization?

There is a resource available to identify areas in your state organization that may have the potential for new members and new chapters. You can find a chapter locator map on the International website: Sign in and click on the My DKG tab. Find the Chapter Locator option. Have some fun exploring the areas of your state organization.

Once you have given some time for exploration, you may have some questions coming to your mind. Why don’t we have members in a particular area? Are there sufficient number of educational institutions in this area? Are there qualified educators who would benefit from the gift of membership? Are there enough to sustain a new chapter? Will there be diverse levels of instruction available, cultural diversity, or the potential for distinctive service in any field of education?

Should your state organization consider expanding into a new area? Perhaps a current chapter would like to separate into two (2) chapters? Chapter expansion requires some planning. Research the need to organize this new chapter. Evaluate the information that is collected and make a recommendation to your state organization leadership. Planning involves: orientation of new members, financial considerations for the chapter and new members, chartering, induction, election/installation of officers, and mentorship of the new chapter for several years.

The 2020-2022 International Expansion Committee is developing some tools to assist you with the process of expanding chapters. Many states have a state organization expansion plan. If your state organization does not, the committee would be happy to be a resource for you. Committee members’ contact information can be found on the website under the About Us tab and then under Committees. You are encouraged to reach out to the committee and to give the gift of expansion.

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