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Monday, January 11, 2021

Facts and Forms


Forms! Forms! Forms!

Have you ever wondered why all of these forms are necessary? Facts about the members need to be kept accurate so that all parts of the Society can function properly.

Finding the forms you will need is easy. Go to and sign in. Select Forms and then select Membership. Some of the forms you will need are as follows: Form 27 Change of Address Form (Chapter Use Only); Form 81 New Member Form (Chapter Use Only); Form 83 Reinstated Member Form (Chapter Use Only), and Form TR-A Transfer Request. Those forms marked with "chapter use only" are not to be sent to headquarters.

When a member is dropped for any reason, other than non-payment of dues, treasurers are to complete Form 18A Report of Dropped Member found in the Forms section of the DKG website under Treasurer, as well as in their Chapter Connect. Members are automatically dropped and coded for non-payment of dues, so no Form 18A is needed to send to HQ for those members.

Timely updating of membership information saves leaders at all levels of the Society time. Planning for budgets, events and activities is more effective with valid membership data, as well as receiving important notices from HQ and publications. Sadly, occasionally, chapters decide to unofficially dissolve their chapter and don’t pay their dues but haven’t taken the proper steps in dissolution. This simply makes more work for everyone. Accurate membership information plays a vital role in membership data.

Chapter presidents or treasurers are to complete Form 6 as soon as possible for a deceased member. Chapter Necrology Report -Form 2 is to be completed and is due February 1 of each year to your state organization. The Necrology Report is no longer required to be sent to HQ. Go to and sign in. Select Forms for the Chapter Necrology Report-Form 2. Form 6 is found under Membership in Forms and can also be found in your Chapter Connect for chapter presidents and treasurers.

Facts and forms not only keep the membership numbers up to date but also help with other duties of DKG. Membership numbers are studied and discussed to seek helpful suggestions and recommendations for the state and chapter organizations.

Facts and forms are the only way that the Society can keep accurate records and better serve its members. Please do your part by completing the appropriate forms and submitting them in a timely manner.

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