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Thursday, January 21, 2021

"Teach Like Yourself" by Gravity Goldberg


Teach Like Yourself by Gravity Goldberg, the educational consultant, coach and teacher, is a “manual” for teachers for mastering the facets of teaching which are important for a career and developing productive relationships with students. This book was in the top five of works considered for the Educators Book Award.

Even though the author somewhat criticizes self-help books, this book seems to be one. Using her wide experience of teaching and working with teachers, she guides the readers to find their own way in the teaching profession. She doesn’t give any recipes or instructions, but through teachers’ stories, experiences and reflections she shows how they have found their answers, and how they found their way. These reflections make you think and look for answers in yourself.

The author takes you step-by-step through the mental exercises to find yourself as a teacher. The value of the book is that it offers certain practical activities and questions that guide the readers through the process of exploring their teaching potential.

Even more than a teacher’s self-help book, the book has value in teacher education (pre-service as well as in-service). The book gives well-described tasks and activities that enable teachers to reflect on their regular teaching practice and look for new ways of teaching. The book is valuable for younger teachers who are still looking for their way or the experienced teachers who might be standing on the crossroads or face the identity crisis and are looking for opportunities for changes or for deeper sense-giving of their professional life. 

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